The compass stars,

guiding light for joy,

lead to balmy skies,

jeweled waves.

But beams white wash,

the maze below

reaches out terror,

desperation, and frantic


Currently, bird migration is in the process. This is an interesting time, especially on the East coast, as bird’s make the long journey down to the South as winter starts in the North. A large portion of migration takes place during the night. Birds use the stars to navigate. The unfortunate thing about this journey is the number of lit cities the birds must travel over to get there in the first place. You see, city lights are attractive to birds and when they fly over a place like New York City lit up like this:

Birds see instead, an interpretation of the stars, but on the ground. And this time when they descend down into this strange land of windows and street lights they become trapped circling the lights to exhaustion or slamming into windows. I won’t go into great detail on this sad end to many migrating birds, but you can learn more from the Fatal Light Awareness Program, F.L.A.P. They advocate awareness of this specific problem.


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