Good Morning, Moon

I took this image of the moon with my friend Rachel’s camera at the McDonald Observatory on the 36″ telescope. If you look closely at the edge it almost looks like a smiley face with the smile just hidden (turn your head to the side and look for the eyes first)!

Good Morning, Moon

Good morning, Moon
Such a pleasant surprise
seeing your open face
suspended up there.

Pale blue bright and staring
down at all us little things.
What a sight we must make.
I could stand in the middle

Of New York, central. Look
up at the big video screens and
all those bright shining lights,
they’re pretty distracting.

And there you are, Moon
hanging on the other side
of us and the sun, lounging
at the top of the skyscraper.

You’re just that inconspicuous
blue and white circle, missing
a chunk or two. Smiling big
and beaming down at us

ignorant little sticks. We must
be pretty funny, stiff at the joints,
to your aged face with seas
so many battle scars maria.

You saw us come with the
curious men in the metal box.
How much you giggled when
they made one footprint a big

to-do. And it was all so serious!
Houston, we have a problem.
What a time you must have had
watching us hold our breath.

Capture, Condensation, Collision,
Fission or Ejected Ring theory?
Man in the Moon or Moon in
the Man theory.

What a silly thought, Moon.
What are you saying, Moon?

Although this is one of my favorite results of a “speed write” I have been reluctant to share it. I had heard that publishing a poem on a blog meant it could never be published in a literary journal, and this is one I have high hopes for publishing. Luckily, my previous professor told me about a journal that publishes poems already published on blogs, and after this weekend’s events I thought, why not!

So first, the story of this weekend. I had the pleasure of exchanging a few words with a favorite blogger of mine! Phil Plait from the Bad Astronomy blog on Discover Magazine!!! And all I wanted him to know, is through his posts about Marian Call he had inspired an inspiration for my poetry and I really appreciated it. He really does have some great things to post about on a variety of topics. Check it out here.

Now, Marian Call. Let me just say, she’s spectacular. You can find me listening to her cheery, upbeat music almost every morning with a cup of tea and a toothbrush (depending on if I’m late!)

How does this tie into the above poem? I was running late. While I was in college I studied both physics and English, creative writing. For one creative writing class I had written a poem that I was horribly unhappy with. It was one of those that you walk around growling to yourself about for days leading up to the due date. So, the day it was due I found myself in my usual spot, the physics library. First thing, the headphones go in and a blank page comes up. Next step, head in hands, staring at screen, repeat.

Marian Call was following me around all day, every day during this time (in my ears and hums) and I was quite happy with that! So, here comes my favorite song, “Good Morning, Moon” and as her calming, yet spirit-raising, lyrics moved forward I quickly put the song on repeat and thought about the idea of “Good Morning, Moon” talking to the moon, the stars, and on and on. Next, the city. And I remembered how so many people are unaware of how often the moon is up during the day, not even noticing it. Seriously, go look now! It might be up!

I wish we looked up more. That’s all this is really. Just to share that moment of recognition when we realize something, even the smallest thing, about what’s happening above us and just maybe that it has larger implications to who we are as individuals. And ultimately, this poem and this blog post are just about that, and even though Marian Call’s song isn’t quite in this poem’s same direction at all, beside the title, it still was so inspiring I just couldn’t help but write with it playing in the background the whole time.

(After writing this I forced my professor to read the poem while listening to the song. I suggest you do the same now! In fact, just go listen to all of her music now and buy it too cause she’s just awesome and her music is too!!! Enjoy!)



  1. Excellent poem. I am a big Marian Call fan. She’s such a delight and a wonderful talent who still retains her girl-next-door charm. She’s even better in person. I also enjoy reading Phil Plait.

    I work at a space centre and every once in awhile someone calls concerned that they can see the Moon during the day!

    1. Thank you! Same goes to all you said! And I know what you mean I got some of the best and sometimes the craziest questions when I interned at the Smithsonian air & space! Thanks for reading!

  2. Love the poem and the passion. Yes, I too wonder what the Cosmos thinks of us, how we think of ourselves as Masters. Nice to hear Marian Call set the tone this beautiful morning in Reno, while reading your poem, and looking out my study window to the snow capped mountains of Tahoe. No Moon to see, but I know its there. You should come and do an evening with me this summer under the starry skies of Tahoe.

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