The dew dripped, kissed my back

The dew dripped, kissed my back

The dew dripped, kissed my back—
I pinched the moon,
the grass traced my spine,
shivers to my toes,
in the Earth,
gravity would fall asleep.



  1. Hi Amee,Jackie and I are heading down to Carlsbad for Thanksgiving at our Daughter’s house. I write a poem each year for dinner. Here is the one for this year:The Lives of our Thanksgiving What brought us here, we only know; the lives of our thanksgiving. Before us the bread and meat of substance, inside a realization of whom we are and how we live it. Far removed from the day of our founders we are no longer Pilgrims searching, instead we are guardians of our community. And as we live from generation to generation the weight of harvest on the backs of our determination we continue the quest of our humanity  honor who we are and survive in unity, to live a life of thanksgiving. Tb1112I hope you and your husband have a wonderful Thanksgiving!Tony

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