How to Build a Comet

Backward bend over the Sun.
Look out to the Oort.

Grab the ice before it melts.
Hold your breath and scrounge

the dust for sticky bits
and spit to wish it stays.

Squeeze it tight and flex;
roll it, don’t pull it.

Toss it out to see the tail
avoid the sun and flip to two.

My advice, don’t blink.
The Gegenschein is very faint.

The Gegenschein is a phenomenon of sky glow created by back-scatter of sunlight off of dust particles orbiting in the elliptical plane. These particles are thought to originate from asteroids and comets. Seeing this is very rare because it is so faint and light pollution easily hides it. The very darkest areas such as in New Zealand at the Aoraki Mackenzi International Dark Sky Reserve is one of the few places in the world that this is visible. Learn more about this and other International Dark Sky Places.

Read more about this on Astronomy Picture of the Day, also where the above image came from!


These pieces are copyright to me. Please do not reproduce anything posted by me without my express permission. Email me at ameejhennig (at) gmail (dot) com to request permission. Thank you.


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