The System

I couldn’t find a good picture for this one, so please comment with a picture suggestion!

The System

The grains fall
through my fingers sending
light through my veins;

they are so thin. I want this
kernel, this fire, to sprout
limbs, tendrils that curl and bulge.

Give me a dust storm that rips.
Give me a river of liquid ethane.
Give me whatever you want

with these elements.
I will plant them
one by one in the sky.



  1. <td style="text-align: left; background-repeat: no-repeat;" align="left"; height="136" colspan="1" background="cid:top@4fc2dd77235794902060b0369777e131"Tony the Star Guide”One day everyone will walk out under a starry sky they understand”

  2. Amee,

    I’m doing a presentation in February to teachers and librarians of Northern Nevada during Reading Week. My talk will be about ways K-12 students learn the Milky Way. I was wondering if you had a favorite book, website, or blog you would suggest? Of course, I will be presenting some poetry, since I feel astro-poetry helps open the mind to the task of comprehending the Cosmos, so do you have a poem that you would like me to include?



    1. Tony, Let me think about that for a little bit and I will make some suggestions. I have one in mind. You’re welcome to use any of my poems that I have posted so far if you would like, just let me know which one and it would be extra nice if you would share my blog link with them. Or if you have a specific type of poem in mind I can see what I have got to match it. Just let me know!

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