If only stars were mica

If only stars were mica

Flecks of mica glitter,
stuck to the hairs on my arms.

Impossible to snap one between
fingers, it disappears a moment

reemerges across five more.
I can pinch a star but

it won’t laugh like mica
hiding in my fingerprints.

Mica, visual, physical, and
alluring. While the other

impossible to grasp.
Impossible to feel.

Removed and ignorant behind
eyelids and lights of sociality.

Stoic to the struggle
of pointing up and saying,

“This is something more.
Look at this. Look at this more.”

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These pieces are copyright to me. Please do not reproduce anything posted by me without my express permission. Email me at ameejhennig (at) gmail (dot) com to request permission. Thank you.


1 Comment

  1. Thanks Amee!

    One by one they beam Flickered light shines from above What they light below

    This is from a youngster long ago….. I remember when I was eight visiting Mt. Rushmore with my parents and saw Mica for the first time. So shinny and strange to me at that age. Just like the stars I saw through my little 3″ Newtonian.


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