Speed of Perspective

This image of the Milky Way on the Milky Way Road is by Jim Richardson. Find more of his photos about stars and light pollution.

Speed of Perspective

Hitting 97 miles per hour at midnight is a thrill,
combing the curves while clumsily dropping tread,
only the Milky Way guiding me past the startled cows; here
I am waving weeds, spinning on a world 1,000 miles per hour
and all-the-while whooshing 67,000 miles per hour around our star goes
unnoticed—what a feat for our small planet, our beloved lava-jam and crumble;
somehow held together, suspended in a sun-beam[1] and swooping the far reaches
of a collapsed point; absolute heaviness dragging us in as we carelessly clutch
our home; 1,500,000 miles per hour never seemed so inconsequential
even though it’s deadly[2];
a hole light scrambles along the edges to evade and screams
when it finds, even at 680,000,000 miles per hour
impressive, it too will be frozen on the precipice of the monster—made invisible
by feasting on the fastest of us all and it makes me wonder, if we’re turning that slow
and spinning about a point that spins about another and another and we never
get dizzy, except when playing Pocket-Full-of-Posies, we’re used to it perhaps,
and even past midnight never slowing, except by 97 miles per hour, I find
myself never too tired to look up and wonder what happens
when we all fall down?

[1]   What a backwards glance to see the moment. “The Pale Blue Dot,” our most important dust-mote floating in a sunbeam.

[2]   Although, truly, we don’t know. No one has ever returned from the edge of the map; the event horizon of the central, supermassive black hole.


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  1. <td style="text-align: left; background-repeat: no-repeat;" align="left"; height="136" colspan="1" background="cid:top@9ea66316859abda36c161f587d3257c9"Love the Lava-Jam and Crumble! Thanks for the poem. Sometimes at night I’ll look out into the sky and try to imagine all the movement, all at once, every which way, standing still at the same time.Tony the Star Guide”One day everyone will walk out under a starry sky they understand”Check out Tahoe Star Tours on Facebook!

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