#DayEarthSmiled – Andy Rivkin

Not Just the Earth in Other Guise

A foreign world so much unlike our own,
With frigid, toxic clouds to fill its skies,
And we detect no grass or lake or stone
When telescope or spacecraft espies.
‘Tis not just the Earth in other guise,
But its formation differed in fundamentals.
Its icy girdle yet one more surprise
When astronomy became experimental.
Mayhap you think this argument tangential
and dismiss it with just a grin and wave
Point out similarities so elemental
That the planets’ common nursery once gave.
Organic oceans surging in our veins,
And snowy geysers sing ancient refrains.

– Andy Rivkin

Follow Andy on Twitter at @asrivkin and find his blog here.

This poem was submitted by the author as a contribution for the poetic celebration of #DayEarthSmiled #WaveatSaturn as Cassini turns to image Saturn and Earth. To read more about this project and this day see here.


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