#DayEarthSmiled – Jim Highfield

Worlds Apart

Ringed Planet you pose so majesticly
A jewel in the blackness of space
Do you even notice our small craft named Cassini?
Allowing us to admire you from our humble place
Watching from above the rings and amongst your many moons
Titan, Rhea, Dione and Lapetus keep it company
The shadows of your tilted rings dance upon the festoons
We see your aurorae, hexagons and storms from so far away
Have you even noticed our pale blue home?
in the wash of the brilliant sun
Our hunger for knowlege we must atone
So we visit and study the ring-ed one.
Just once your visitor will turn away to see from where it came
And show you our blue world so far away. Earth is its name.

– Jim Highfield

Follow Jim on Twitter at @bluegrassgazer.
Jim is a father of two, husband, amateur astronomer, runner, and works in I.T. at a local hospital group.

This poem was submitted by the author as a contribution for the poetic celebration of #DayEarthSmiled #WaveatSaturn as Cassini turns to image Saturn and Earth. To read more about this project and this day see here.


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