#DayEarthSmiled – Sue Couch

19th July 2013

Today a lens will point towards our home,

Reveal how it appears from distant space

As if to catch from that celestial dome

A reassuring glimpse of our own face.

Propelled beyond the orbit that we know

By thirst for truth and hunger to explore

We satisfied the dreams of long ago

And sent a questing ship to Saturn’s shore.

Almost a thousand million miles was run,

Cassini turns an eye towards the Earth

As mighty Saturn eclipses the Sun,

Reminds us what our tiny speck is worth.

Therefore today a moment try and save

To do that sweetly human thing, and wave.

– Sue Couch

Follow Sue on Twitter at @suzifulham and find more of her poetry on her blog.

This poem was submitted by the author as a contribution for the poetic celebration of #DayEarthSmiled #WaveatSaturn as Cassini turns to image Saturn and Earth. To read more about this project and this day see here.


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