#DayEarthSmiled – AstropoetAmee

The moment Cassini saw

Turn and look, above, just there, shutter blast;
the signal released, scattering its way
past the moons, skipping the dust, until rest.
smile. don’t blink. cheeseburger. you are a ray.
A silhouette on a blue marble, being
blue. Pixel width; awe left in a sunbeam.
Inconspicuous floating, where’s the string?
But point across billions and seem
important, the singularity where
so much matters and the balance is tipped
with a wrong look, grimace, untimely glare.
The shutter closes, story recorded.
But in that blink there is time, remember,
you are stardust and every star must explode.

This poem is my personal contribution for the poetic celebration of #DayEarthSmiled #WaveatSaturn as Cassini turns to image Saturn and Earth. To read more about this project and this day see here.


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