Somehow winter hosts the clearest nights

Check out more of Daniel McVey's amazing photography at and
Check out more of Daniel McVey’s amazing photography at and

Somehow winter hosts the clearest nights

nights when the stars burn and light chills
chilling suspended in the blank air exposed
exposing little reality of expansion
expanding of the unimaginable-unending fire

and somehow arms wrapping around me
and somehow the smell of chocolate steam
and somehow the pine and snow mixed on my tongue
and somehow the freezing tingle of your warmth

somehow infinitely far from my skin

The rose-colored discovery

NGC 7789: Caroline’s Rose: A deep sky discovery made by Caroline Herschel in the 18th century. Read more about this image on APOD.

The rose-colored discovery

And dust covered Caroline’s rose.
Sand left to blow between the cacti
and scatter by scorpions’ legs
finally settling for the night on
the black pettles in place of dew.
She saw the dust in the sky and drew
it down where it could only fade, not
disband. A singular interpretation,
an anomaly, hidden between the sheets
of a girl’s journal. All the while,
the world continued to turn the pages
of masculine calculations waiting
for the wind to flip the page
of the rose-colored book.

Moving through Empty Space

Moving Through Empty Space

Holding your breath in what seems empty space.
Reality; bits of lives scattered throughout
molecules, atoms, minuscules of matter invisible
to the eye. I see you. And I left you.
Standing at the bus stop, waiting for me to arrive
so I could say goodbye.
I know you wish that carbon and helium would mix,
expand, explode, create in a moment of destruction.
Memories between us left shattered, broken bonds
into a mushroom cloud of hydrogen, simplest
of them all packing a bang like none-other.

Sewing in a Rocking Chair

Sewing in a Rocking Chair

This is the moment
of the explosion.
This second, this
thought, this mirage
of a singularity filled
with every crazy image
of chaos that is an in-
finity. And right
when it is too much
creation; my thoughts are
buttons strung together
with dark matter,
tingling with the dark
energy of potential
fingers stitching,
rocking in a chair
made of limitless runners;
your breath
on the back of my neck.

#DayEarthSmiled – AstropoetAmee

The moment Cassini saw

Turn and look, above, just there, shutter blast;
the signal released, scattering its way
past the moons, skipping the dust, until rest.
smile. don’t blink. cheeseburger. you are a ray.
A silhouette on a blue marble, being
blue. Pixel width; awe left in a sunbeam.
Inconspicuous floating, where’s the string?
But point across billions and seem
important, the singularity where
so much matters and the balance is tipped
with a wrong look, grimace, untimely glare.
The shutter closes, story recorded.
But in that blink there is time, remember,
you are stardust and every star must explode.

This poem is my personal contribution for the poetic celebration of #DayEarthSmiled #WaveatSaturn as Cassini turns to image Saturn and Earth. To read more about this project and this day see here.