Google Poetics #2

My try #2 at Google Poetics. See explanation below!

This poem was made using a google search. Upon doing a search an interesting, poetic, result was screen captured and included here for you enjoyment. To learn more about Google Poetics and how to submit poems visit their website. I also plan to send it some of mine.

Google Poetics #2

The mote in the breath

If you would like to see more of Matt Payne's photography visit his website.
If you would like to see more of Matt Payne’s photography visit his website.

The mote in the breath

A last breath streams across the sky,
punctuated with moments and lives

and worlds and impacts and crumbling craters.
A last breath where dreams are traveling

out to the distant past shooting thoughts,
impressions, epiphanies back to the dot

in the sunbeam in the last breath. Unrealized
zeros and ones wait to be put in order.

I saw our past, I hypothesized our future,
in that last breath — but — I never saw

our present place in that last breath. Because
in that last breath we were only a mote, lost.

The one pixel

To learn more about this region of the sky and the wonders it holds visit APOD.

The one pixel

In one pixel a thousand suns burn
In one pixel a comet falls to pieces
In one pixel a stellar gasp expells hydrogen
In one pixel a collision disturbs unmoving dust
In one pixel a continuous spinning
In one pixel a violent end
In one pixel we forget the sky, but–
In one million pixels a universe
is less than contained