Sewing in a Rocking Chair

Sewing in a Rocking Chair

This is the moment
of the explosion.
This second, this
thought, this mirage
of a singularity filled
with every crazy image
of chaos that is an in-
finity. And right
when it is too much
creation; my thoughts are
buttons strung together
with dark matter,
tingling with the dark
energy of potential
fingers stitching,
rocking in a chair
made of limitless runners;
your breath
on the back of my neck.

The Night We Spun

This picture is by Ben Canales. You can see more of his images at The Star Trail.
This picture is by Ben Canales. You can see more of his images at The Star Trail.

The Night We Spun

When the sky rushes up to swallow my legs
two seconds are lost running on the rippling
flow, aiming for the dusty gap between two
bright spots of fluff and cotton, needle’s-
eye for the edge of whatever that is, bliss lost
in the circular pattern of light, visions, hallucinations,
mixes of the dizziness and reality. I am less
than the sky but the sky left bits in my skin,
they sparkle, and the spinning slows a tad just so
he can comet a kiss where star dust makes my smile shine.

Take Time


Take Time

This image is by Ben Canales. You can find more of his photography on his facebook at and on his website at

You cannot feel time,
and you cannot feel light.

Particles bouncing, waves
combining, caught in the mouth

to reel on the tongue,
clutch in the throat,

and glow–dark, hidden a moment
past the corner you cannot see

but sticks to palms–sugar water,
light prints pressed to glass, please

trace the lines of my fingers
and this is what I feel–

the sky, your eyes
I feel the light, this time.

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