We are the Pale Blue Dot

Greetings friends!

An exciting event approaches! On July 19th a magical thing will happen. A picture of the Earth will be taken…from past Saturn by Cassini. And I think that we should all be a part of it. Not only should we turn and give a wave, but let’s give a sonnet, or any type of poem, to Saturn and Cassini that day. Because we are all on that blue dot, and we’re not going anywhere for a while. It’s the perfect moment to remember, how wonderful and perfect this dust mote is floating in a sunbeam.

So here’s your mission! Email me a poem at astropoetamee@gmail.com! I suggest a sonnet but I’m happy to see anything besides as well! And on July 19th, throughout the day, I will post the poems of those who have shared with me so that whole day we can send our love to Saturn. Share these poems with the world and let’s remember what it’s like to be a pixel in space.

In your email, please include your poem (pasted into the email and in a .docx attachment), your name (or how you want to be represented), a picture of you or a picture that you feel represents you (please only send me pictures that you have the rights to, aka, pictures you have taken), and if you want to include a website or any other information let me know.

Please read more about this amazing opportunity from Carolyn Porco of the Cassini Imaging Team.

If you would like to take my recommendation of writing a Sonnet to Saturn and Cassini you can learn more about the form that goes into a sonnet and the different types see here.