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Voyage to the place where the sun is a star.
Turn the eye back for a shot in the dark.

And see the combination of luck and timing
molded for a crescent turning into darkness.

The next thought, the unknown worlds, un-
numbered, joining more every exposure.

Wonder, the number of suns turning with
how many planets, we are alone.

After we walked on the Moon

After we walked on the Moon

The dust of my steps chokes.
Anticipation of historicity leaps,

each particle settling slower
than rain in a desert, gathering.

They celebrate life with a spin, a dive,
a hero’s end in silence, an intake

of breath lost — in the medium
of emptiness. And they never saw

it coming. This loss, in time, hand-in-
hand with the end of innovation.

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The space beyond between

This capture comes from Stian Klo. Follow him on Facebook and visit his website for more.

The space beyond between

One finger on the Moon
One toe on the Earth

No time for practical space
travel. Preferring, instead;

reach up, tip-toed unbalanced,
unsure of whether the planet

is round or square but then, what,
might be beyond that edge.

A silver dinner plate glinting? Or
a ball of dust left for footprints.