Stream of Conscious: The starlight-ignorance paradox

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Stream of Conscious: The starlight-ignorance paradox

But no one has ever heard more than the bang.
Whether a giant is bowling or God clashes symbols

the mystery is left unknown to the somewhere-
betweens; hoping among nitrogen atoms unaware

of the down-belows; threatening each other with masses
of hydrogen and too many electrons, silly things;

left to devices the up-aboves had never imagined.
None of them know that it was, more than a bang.

It’s too bad the way-way-beyonds can only blink
each a singular point, whether anyone knows
what that is it already seems lost on each of them.

I am for sitting

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I am for sitting

I sit on a pale blue dot, I’ve heard, upside-
down. The caterpillar crawling through the chipped

paint counts each legstep-calm, but the people do
not, I’ve noticed the tapping, the drinking,

the spit flying through the air circular
with the spinning monotony, somehow landing

where an ant can suck up a dew drop of alcohol.
Knuckles pop, they scrape letters under my skin

means something, and I wish I had fingernails
to dig in to the spiraling grass.

The Two Lost in Cygnus

Binary star, Albireo. This image was taken by myself and my friend Rachel at the McDonald Observatory on the 36" telescope.
Binary star, Albireo. This image was taken by myself and my friend Rachel at the McDonald Observatory on the 36″ telescope; where my husband and I met. Click to see a larger image.

The Two Lost in Cygnus

My arms out to the empty distance
I didn’t know my back was turned to you.

All this time we circled unaware
reaching for the other, but turned

the wrong way we mourned–a hundred
thousand years of dizziness without

direction. One hope–to find warmth,
in the other’s light all the while

shining on each other’s back. Peripheral
vision failing to reveal anything

over the shoulder but self-recognition.
Until that moment, that blink in a second

of turning, finding, spinning on face-
to-face our light spilled in every direction.

Spin on–

Heading out into the world

Here I am preparing to start up a new blog. Something to send out my random thoughts into the world. At this point in time, I have no clue how it will evolve over time. For now, I imagine it will be a mix of posts about things I find most interesting. If you know me, then you know that I am a bit obsessed with things like astronomy, light pollution, and especially combining it all into a poetical platform. Let’s see how it goes! For now I’ve got one poem published on the astropoetry blog for Astronomers Without Borders. It’s not my favorite that I’ve written, but I guess it’s not too bad.

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